Our skillset, our values and what sets us apart

Our key skills:

– Generating and implementing play based learning experiences.
– Creating effective tools to develop communication, leadership, interpersonal skills and all types of intellectual aptitudes (logical-mathematical, emotional, etc…).
– Coming up with processes designed for faster learning in linguistics, education and business.
– Providing a culture of experimentation and innovation in a stimulating environment to promote creativity in all forms.
– Using a science based approach to propose a credible and verifiable process that is based on neuroscience.
– Using moving tales and inspiring stories (metaphors, documentaries showing the effectiveness of our approach, etc.).

Our Values

Fun We cultivate humor, enthusiasm, movement, joy and creativity within our team and with our clients.

Environment We intend for all of our activities to be mindful of the environment and our actions aim at having a positive impact.

Sharing We share our knowledge and skillset for the benefit of our clients and partners, from whom we wish to learn ourselves. That is why we value collaboration and mutual aid.

Knowledge and skills Our team strives to acquire knowledge, to develop skills and to find effective and fun ways to teach so that anyone can benefit from our efforts.

Commitment We are committed to our mission and therefore we provide our team with the tools required to be fully invested in what they do. This We hence make it possible for our clients and our students to put their heart into reaching their objectives.

What we are… and what we are not

We are :

At the leading edge By keeping at the forefront of the most recent findings in the fields of neurosciences and education, we can come up with creative ways to further develop knowledge and know-how.

ImaginativeBy providing an inspiring work environment we can promote healthy stimulating relationships and games that open up the infinite possibilities of the imagination.

Fun We are able to bring out the best in people through fun and games. This is the key to learning faster and is central to what we do.

Scientific We believe that the scientific method is a process that guarantees impartial and verifiable results through any process of learning. We rely on it to shape our services and keep informed of the most recent advances in neuroscience and other scientific fields.

Elegant We believe that for a concept must remain simple and harmonious in order to be effectively communicated and well understood.

What we are not :

OrdinaryWe value simple relationships, clear communication and we like to keep things easy to understand.

Comfortable We believe that the only way to grow is to shake things up, step out of our comfort zone and challenge ourselves.

Our vision of the future

New products and services are under development.

Publishing house To publish books, games, educational tools and training videos to broadcast methods, our knowledge and our experiences.

Developing an educational program for children 2 to 6 years of ageAt the moment, this program is only available in French through our offices while we further develop it. It will eventually be offered to the public and throughout the educational system via franchising opportunities, books, products and videos. The program will then be translated to other languages and expanded to other age groups to include children from 7 to 12 years old and later on to children from 13 to 17 years old. We also plan special education programs for adults such as accelerated language learning, etc…

Our vision

The following video shows the presentation we gave at Harvard University on May 27th 2017