Amélio creates original material and activities focused on learning through play for families, daycare centers and schools.

We offer a creative and diversified program designed to promote child’s growth and knowledge transfer through game play.

Our team of experts comes from various fields with high-level standards in education, science and communication. The quality of the curriculum and the well-being of the children are our top most priorities.

Amélio is an agile and modern organization which uses a collaborative approach focused on innovation and change.

The following concepts guide our mission:

– Meet the needs of educators, teachers and parents

– Provide a fun and playful atmosphere

– Maximize motivation

– Help children grow on all levels by teaching the academic skills required for them to succeed

– Use a dynamic and stimulating approach to every subject

– Build self-esteem

– Teach children how to learn

– Learn by cooperating either individually or in partnership

– Prepare children for tomorrow

– Provide multi-sensory learning

– Based on the most recent discoveries in neurosciences

– Adapted for regular and gifted students and also for children with learning disabilities

– Adapted for siblings and multilevel groups

– Travel through sensory immersion

– Quick, efficient and user-friendly method

– Adaptable

– Maximizing mirror neuron stimulation

Our skillset, our values and everything that sets us apart.(learn more here)

Our playing field

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